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In existence since Saxon times, the Village has had a glorious past that included a palace and ownership by the Bishop of Winchester.

Parish Registers

The baptism, marriage and burial records from St. Nicholas Church, from 1711 to 1912

In The Village

heritage, photographs and information within the village roads

Around The Village

Items of historical interest in the surrounding immediate area, within the Parish

Perambulation of the Bounds 1745

The Perambulation of the Parish Boundaries took place in 1745 to to preserve in people's memory before the days of detailed maps. 

The Hundred of Bishop's Sutton

The Bishop's Palace

Events in the Village

The Church

St. Nicholas Church, a Norman church was built in the 12th Century, on the site of a previous Saxon church. 


The Memorial Trees

Thanks to our local community, there is now a  line of trees that have been planted to remember the Village dead of three wars 

The Plough, In Pictures

Up until the mid-nineties, the Village had two pubs. The Plough was the drinking pub, and here we have its verbal history and pictures, including the infamous fire early in the 20th Century

The Plough, In Pictures
Bishop's Sutton -  the Ship Inn and Old Ship Cottage

In The Village

Bishop's Sutton, map of roads covered

Water Lane

Hobbs Close

Church Lane

School Lane

North Street

Bighton Lane

Ship Hill

Mill Lane

Main Road (Central)

Main Road (Alresford End)


Around The Village

South West

North West

South East

North East