In The Village

Ship Hill

Credit: Garry Allam, Bishop's Sutton Heritage; curated by Mark Allen

Ship Hill about 1900

Looking towards the Ship inn which is hidden behind a row of thatched cottages which caught fire in the 1930’s and were then demolished. The site is now the Ship Inn's car park.

Bishop's Sutton, Ship Hill c1900

Same view, 2011

Bishop's Sutton, Ship Hill 2011

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The Ship Inn, 1948

The 18th century Ship Inn, Bishops Sutton. From a 1948 glass negative by Donald Birkenshaw

Bishop's Sutton, Ship Inn 1948

Bishop's Sutton Shop c1906

It seems that this picture was taken around 1906, and that Ernest and Ada Follet had the shop after 1901 and had left to run a shop at Hook by 1911. Their son John was born in Bishops Sutton 1906.

Bishop's Sutton, Follet's Stores c1906

Padwicks Blacksmiths Shops c 1910 and Mount Villas

The smithy moved from the main road to the barn (now garages) at Stocks cottage, School Lane

Bishop's Sutton, Padwicks Blacksmiths c1910

Mount Villas and the site of the Blacksmiths, 2011

Bishop's Sutton, Mount villas 2011

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