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Whispers Of Chalk Stream

The Whispers Of Chalk Stream Project 

‘Whispers of chalk stream –

exploring the Bishop’s Sutton headwaters of the River Arle’

Whispers of Chalk Stream is a hyperlocal project, which focuses attention on the headwaters of the River Arle in Bishop’s Sutton, as it flows from a beautiful intermittent winterbourne to the mighty River Itchen. The chalk stream gives life, whispers stories, and builds relationships as it threads through this ‘upstream’ Hampshire village.


This project will engage an inter-generational community in a relational approach - through collaborative and inclusive encounters - voicing the ecology, heritage, culture, stories, and possibilities of the stream - through educative arts-based practices and social gatherings. We aim to nurture Bishop’s Sutton as a chalk stream community, raising awareness of watery narratives and seasonality to celebrate chalk stream village identity through creativity, conversation, and collaboration. 


Whispers of Chalk Stream project is community led and being coordinated by Attention2Place – Dr Helen Clarke and Dr Sharon Witt with the kind support of the Parish Council. Helen and Sharon are a co-operative of education professionals who specialise in place-based immersive experiences. Through journalling, talks, creative workshops and meetings, poetry boxes, publications, and an exhibition, they will work with the community to learn about their chalk stream and consider its significance to the village.


The project has been awarded a Watercress and Winterbournes and National Lottery Heritage Grant.


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