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St. Nicholas Church

The Norman church at Bishop's Sutton was built in the 12th Century, on the previous site of a Saxon church. 


Built by the Bishop of Winchester Henry de Blois to service the community around the Bishop's Manor and hunting parklands that he created at the time.

The Church was added to and parts rebuilt over time during the 13th and 14th Centuries, and the church and manor prospered until the English Civil War and the Reformation of the 17th Century and wiped away the colourful detail and important aspects of the church -  such as the Rood Screen and the adjacent chapel.  The whitewashed walls, bare altar and conservative feel stems from that period.

It is not known in what period the Church became dedicated to St. Nicholas.

If you want to know more about the history of St. Nicholas Church, there is an excellent booklet by Margaret Highton available in the Church for a small donation fee.

The Church


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St. Nicholas Church



Reverend Clare Welham

(01962) 773075

Church Wardens:

Mrs Angela White

(01962) 736483

Mrs Joyce Lovering

(01962) 773265


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