In The Village

Bighton Lane

Credit: Garry Allam, Bishop's Sutton Heritage; curated by Mark Allen

The river at Bishop's Sutton looking towards Pound Cottage. c1910

It's a bit grainy, but there is a chap filling buckets and emptying them in to the water barrel being towed by the horse. Pound Cottage would have been the village pound where stray animals were kept for collection by their owners

Same view, 2011

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The Old Bridge, 2010

The old bridge with its low wall you could sit on or lean right over on or walk along , its ledge you could stand on .

its buttress you could climb up and down and its double arches which were just big enough for a small boy to crawl through if you dint mind getting wet.

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The New Bridge, 2015

Not quite the same...

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