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In The Village

Mill Lane

Credit: Garry Allam, Bishop's Sutton Heritage; curated by Mark Allen

The Old Mill House, Mill Cottage (now Alre House) bottom left and the now abandoned watercress beds at Western Court, 1947

The mill house is a 17th century and 18th century timber framed building encased in and fronted by brick. The actual corn mill building was dismantled in the early 20th century and I think was attached to the back of the house on its right hand side.

it is said it had a breastshot waterwheel. By 1978 all that remained was the head tail race and wheel pit. The mill was recorded in 1086 and has numerous mentions in the Bishop's Pipe Rolls from 1208 to 1710

Bishop's Sutton, the Old Mill House, 1947

Mill Lane End Circa 1910, looking towards village from Alresford

The cottage in the foreground is now demolished and was replaced by Dell Cottage. The middle House (Pembroke Cottage) and the furthest is Mill Lane (End) Cottage. Out of site between Mill Lane Cottage and Pembroke Cottage is Pickwick Cottage, Florence Ville and carpentry works. This end of the village was mainly the domain of the Corbett family, most of the cottages up Mill Lane were 2 Pembroke Cottage 2 and Dell Cottage

Bishop's Sutton,Mill Lane End, 1910

Mill Lane End 2009

Colloquially known now as the Layby

Bishop's Sutton, Mill Lane End, 2009

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