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Whispers Of Chalk Stream

Exploring The Colours, Textures and Patterns Of Chalk Stream

Creativity In Collaboration And In Company


‘Creativity in collaboration and in company’ ‘ 

A brilliant evening of art and encounter’ ‘

A slow pace of thinking and making. Lovely! 

‘‘A reminder to use our senses’

Exploring Colours, Textures, Patterns


On Wednesday 24th March Attention2place organized an event to pay attention to the colours, textures and patterns of chalk stream in Bishop’s Sutton village hall as part of the Whispers of Chalk Stream project. We were delighted to be joined by 25 people, who came from both inside and outside the village to join in the fun! 

Helen Clarke welcomed participants urging everyone to pay attention: 

• Attention as taking notice - to observe with all our senses. 

• Attention as mindful – to pause and linger. 

• Attention as care – to cherish. 

• Attention as awe – to wonder. 

• Attention as collective – to share. 

• Attention as beauty.

Sarah Filmer, Community Artist


Whispers of Chalk Stream were delighted to welcome Sarah Filmer, a community artist from Southampton, to share her experience and expertise in community arts-based projects, including ‘Knit the Walls’ which held an exhibition at God’s House Tower. Sarah shared the importance of collaborative and cooperative community projects for wellbeing, mindfulness, participation, and engagement.



Finally, Sharon introduced collage with a collective Momigami (Japanese paper kneading) session and a sharing of collage inspirations.

Prompts were shared to offer an open invitation to the audience to make together, co-creating artwork in response to the Bishop’s Sutton chalk stream

Inky Explorations


Prompts were shared to offer an open invitation to the audience to make together, co-creating artwork in response to the Bishop’s Sutton chalk stream

Yarns, Textiles, and Thread Explorations


Hands were busy: exploring, experimenting, dropping, mixing, threading, knitting, sticking,  cutting, squeezing, tangling, tearing…

Paper Collage Explorations


Participants worked together and individually

A River Of Colour


To create a river of colours, patterns, and textures of chalk stream

Creativity in Output


Some artwork created during the evening:

Creativity in Fun


A selection of the artwork can be viewed at the Chalk Stream Exhibition Day on Saturday 20th July

Feedback From The Evening


What did the participants learn? 

‘The chalk stream ‘inspires creativity.’ 

‘The extent of the colours, textures and patterns … so inspiring’. 

‘The different patterns which are created by the nature around the chalk stream and the environment.’ 

About chalk stream ‘textures and colours.’ 

What did participants enjoy about today’s event? ‘

A chance to be quietly creative in a welcoming space with some prompts and freedom to express them. Thank you!’ 

‘Sticky fingers’ 

‘Talking, hanging out.’ 

‘Making a stream out of wool.’

‘Collage was fun; inks were fantastic.’ 

‘Playing with water was fun and made me think about aspects of the chalk stream.’ 

‘Interconnection - pattern touching colour, touching texture, touching ideas of chalk stream that holds our attention.’

‘Loved the crafts.’ ‘Just being creative, feels like my childhood has come back to me :)

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